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Silicon Valley Product GroupThis was originally posted by Marty Cagan (LinkedIn | Twitter) on November 5, 2007 on the Silicon Valley Product Group website.

Many software product teams are either currently experimenting with Agile methods, or have recently moved. I have written elsewhere about the benefits of Agile methods, including Scrum and XP, but I wanted to highlight here the keys for product management in an Agile environment. Read More

Scrum Alliance – What Is Scrum?

This a great overview of Scrum methodology.

Scrum Alliance – What Is Scrum?.

2011 SVPCamp: Session 3 | Agile Product Management

This session was by far the most relevant with respect to the challenges I’m working through at this point in time. I’m currently working through an agile framework for the Analytic Platform and Delivery product organization at eBay. I’m trying to map the old waterfall processes to the new agile processes. I’m also working with a colleague (Patrick Hildebrand) to both identify and define milestones and deliverables across product planning and release planning.

The goals are to ensure 1.) That all of the APD product owners can consistently define their product road maps, 2.) That product teams can accurately plan and efficiently coordinate multi-project product releases, and 3.) That all levels of the APD product organization can efficiently report out on both the project and release dimensions.

Eric Krock of Voximate did a nice job giving a detailed overview of the agile process Read More